Monday, 27 February 2023

Hidden gems in local records


Where do you start when researching a local area?

Our local history expert shares her expertise widely and with more than 30 years of experience in the field she provides guidance for those approaching a local history research question. These aspects are the basis of any genealogical research question.
  • Determine and record what is already known
  • What surnames are involved in any query?
  • What time period is appropriate?
  • Where might the ancestor have lived? 
  • What may have been his/her occupation?
  • Did the person serve in the military?
  • Are there any school records for the found area?
These are just starting points that may well lead to a broader focus. Our workshop led by Bev this morning posed several local research puzzles for the participants to solve.

Some examples of the resources we used to find the answers to the questions posed included:

Electoral rolls to determine where the person may have lived and occupation - search via Ancestry
Local resources located through the library catalogue, - books and copies of school records
Local maps housed in the Heritage Centre
Local databases housed on the members' website
  • General Local History Index a large collection covering many of the newspaper clippings in folders and some archival material
  • Index to Agricultural organisations, includes fruitgrowers and the agricultural and industrial society.
  • Index to local sports clubs -  Specific to sports clubs their memberships and activities. Further entries about sport related activities may also be located in the general index.
  • Index to early land records and ratepayers
  • Index to Sunshine Coast Daily BDM notices : Oct 2004 - Feb 2005
  • Noosa Hospital Auxiliary Roll and meeting attendance records 
Newspaper notices available through Trove

Other useful resources for our local area include but are not limited to:
Need some photos from the past? 

If you require assistance with an enquiry into local history in and about the Noosa Shire please visit the Heritage Centre in Cooroy or fill in this research request form and our local experts will endeavour to help.

Procession SportsDay - Cooroy

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